We offer progressive classes in Parkour & Freerunning that follow our unique Tempest curriculum. Our Academy prides itself on establishing a solid foundation for our students as they level up within our program.

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Bands are determined during testing sessions held at The Academy every ten weeks to assess each student’s mastery of set skills. Each band provides access to a new level of classes.

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Start with our Beginner Class, and get ready to train for your next level.


Ages 9-16, Adults
Beginners will focus on building strength, balance, and full body awareness using the fundamental movements of Parkour.

Pk All Day
Green Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
Technical Parkour movements are taught as the transition is made from soft to hard obstacles.

Train Hard Kong Harder
Light Blue Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
Students in this class have mastered vaults and will now explore more advanced Parkour movements with a focus on bar techniques.

Hardcore Parkour
Dark Blue Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
Advanced Parkour movements will be taught, along with an introduction to basic flips and tricks utilized in Freerunning.

Flip N Flow
Yellow Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
In this level, students will refine their Freerunning skills with a concentration on flow.

I am a Freerunner
Red Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
Students will begin integrating new movements including tricking, flips from heights, and skills on railings into their repertoire.

Trü Freedom
Black Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
Dedicated to the most advanced skills in Freerunning, this level focuses on safely executing competition style runs with high levels of difficulty, creativity, and flow.

Goldfish Gangsta
Gold Band Required

Ages 9-16, Adults
The Final Level: Students will utilize everything they have learned to give back to the community that made it all possible. In this level, students will create videos, attend jams, learn to how to explain the mechanics of Parkour movements in order to teach them, and truly become a Tempest Ambassador.

For Kids Ages 4-8

Silver Band

Ages 4-5
Our Kinderkour program focuses on improving balance, coordination, and spatial awareness in our incredible environment. With safety as our number one priority, our coaches will guide students through ever-changing obstacle courses designed to develop strength and motor skills that will last a lifetime.

Purple Band

Ages 6-8
Tadpoles focus on building confidence and foundational skills necessary to continue further growth in the disciplines of Parkour and Freerunning. Guided by our gentle and encouraging coaches, Tadpoles learn to perform moves in the safe environment of our gym.

Open Gym

Monitored Kids Open Gym

Ages 9-16
This one is for the kids. Open gym for the 9-16 year-old crowd, monitored by our experienced coaches. This is not an instructional class, but a chance for younger students to have some fun and extra practice time in certain areas of the gym (to be determined by coaches).

Mixed Open Gym

Ages 9+
Held intermittently at each location, this is an opportunity for kids (at least 9 years old) and adults to train together! Our classes are typically split by levels and ages, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to come together, or families to have the chance to train.

Adult Open Gym

Ages 16+
An opportunity for anyone 16 and over to make use of the entire Academy. Anyone 16 or 17 years old will need to show a parent's ID as well as proof of their age.


All minors (17 and under) must have an online waiver completed by parent or legal guardian before using the facility. Photo ID of parent/guardian will be required at time of entry. Photocopies or an image on a phone are acceptable.